Common Causes of Poor Fuel Economy

Poor fuel economy costs car owners extra money and damage to their vehicle. Yet, once a vehicle begins to age, poor fuel economy may be a problem that drivers encounter, especially if poor maintenance is also noted. It is essential that you follow as many tips possible to improve and maintain fuel economy. Take the car in for service on a regular basis, maintain good driving habits, and ensure that you do not overload the vehicle if you want to keep fuel economy to a minimum.

Common causes of poor fuel economy include:

·    Poor oxygen sensors

·    Defective coolant sensors

·    Dirty fuel injectors

·    Dirty air filters

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·    Intake manifold leak

·    Clogged exhaust

·    Poor tire pressure

·    Slipping transmission

·    Slipping clutch

·    Poor driving habits

·    Excess weight

This is not a complete list of issues that causes excess fuel consumption, but is a look at some of the most common issues that drivers experience. It is more common in older vehicles, but problems with poor fuel economy can affect any vehicle, of any age.  You can change poor fuel consumption problems, however.

The good news is that all of these issues are preventable and fixable. Again, regular visits to the japanese car shop houston tx is the best way to keep the vehicle in good condition and receiving the best fuel economy.

Additionally, pay attention to your driving habits. Excess braking and starting/stopping are causes of excess fuel consumption. When you notice things wrong with the vehicle, call a professional. Waiting to make that call only worsens the problem and creates more trouble while driving.

Poor fuel economy weakens major components underneath the hood of the vehicle. It costs excess money and causes an array of driving problems. Pay attention to the signs of poor fuel economy and take the vehicle when it’s time.